Inventing Revolution

Inventing Revolution is a digital exhibition that came as a result of a workshop conducted by Alexis Fidetzis with the participation of undergraduate students from the Athens School of Fine Arts. The students were introduced to the idea that several traditions we encounter today have to an extent been invented in a modernist context. This concept, that raises questions in regards to what is considered to be pure and historically accurate, has been developed by Eric Hobsbawm and Terrence Ranger in the collective volume The Invention of Tradition.  
The workshop was graced with insights and presentations by contemporary artists Giannis Delagrammatikas, Dimitris Papachristos, Maria Varela and Ino Varvariti. The workshop was the result of a collaboration between ATOPOS cvc and the ASFA XI Painting Studio.
Please click on the images bellow to visit each individual project.

Christina Rosi, Fragments of a red era, digital publication, 2021

Thanos Intzes, Knitted Nation, photo documentation of outdoor installation, 2021

Triantafyllia Ntouroupi, Revolution, cubed, series of CG Images, 2021

Xanthie C. Skarla, Inventing Revolution, video piece, 2021

Anna Provatari, Untitled, video piece, 2021

Anna Samara, Maleviziotis (Simonidean Variation), video piece, 2020-21

Katerina Korre, True story, series of digital collages, 2021

Eleftheria Amolochiti, Vicious Delicious, video piece, 2021