Revolting Bodies Exhibition II

This is the second exhibition that takes place in the Revolutionary Headquarters of Atopos CVC.
The works presented deal with the revolutionary fantasy and the institutional methods of dealing with the past. They flirt with the subjectivity of the concepts of good and evil, and converse with approaches that negotiate the ways in which state mechanisms retell the stories of revolutions and impose them on future generations as formative national myths. As in the first part of the exhibition, the bodies involved in revolutionary histories play a significant role in these artistic formulations. Through their stories we can even see the way in which some historical subjects are hidden from the revolutionary narratives while others are transformed into the heroes that national mythology uses for centuries to come. The construction and reformulation of symbols is, after all, a structural element of the revolutionary fiction, whether they are elements of clothing, banners or the historical individuals.
Please click on each image to visit a page with a small text about each piece and a few words about the artist. 

Nikos Arvanitis

Anastasia Douka

Anietie Ekanem

Eva Giannakopoulou & Persefoni Myrtsou

Marina Gioti

Alicia Grullon

Alexandros Kaklamanos

Dionisis Kavallieratos

Eleftheria Kotzaki

Aristidis Lappas

Lara Nasser

Nazanin Noroozi

Dimitris Papachristos

Nefeli Papadimouli

Ilias Papailiakis

Shahpour Pouyan

Eva Stefani

Sasha Streshna

Theo Triantafyllidis

Maria Varela

Vangelis Vlahos

Michalis Zacharias

Michailangelos Vlassis-Ziakas